Providing practical opportunities for people to support one another so that lives and neighbourhoods are transformed.


Community Gardens

Based in Welcome Bay and Bethlehem support local communities to gather, grow and learn together. The team also builds gardens for other community groups and schools. 

Neighbourhood projects
The projects team work alongside communities, neighbourhoods and families to help those who need a hand up, when life has knocked them down.  

Food Rescue
Good Neighbour Food Rescue collects, sorts and redistributes 10 tonnes of food, to over 50 organisations each week, that was previously deemed unsaleable.  

Good Neighbour Kitchen
Due for completion in February 2019 this kitchen will be a social enterprise, taking food unable to be sold to produce food items for sale.  At the same time a mentoring and training programme will mentor the participants in the skills needed for employment or further education. 

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Te Aranui Youth Trust

Empowers young people in the Western Bay of Plenty to engage with their community and make self-aware and conscientious life choices.

Blue Light and Police Youth Development Programmes

Through the delivery of Te Aranui Youth Trust, Blue Light and Police Youth Development programmes, Te Aranui Youth Trust delivers programmes to ensure local youths are positive, steadfast, well-adjusted members of the community.


Build Courage and Resilience

Growing up is a trying time and youths are very much influenced by what is going on around them. Te Aranui Youth Trust’s aim is to build courage and resilience to help resist negative influences and encourage a positive pathway.


Developing Self-awareness and Leadership Potential

Without our assistance, local youths would be disadvantaged. Because we work alongside New Zealand Police and with knowledge of what is happening in our community, the work we carry out meets the foremost needs and delivers the greatest possible benefits.

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