In Good Company is a not-for-profit organisation comprised of two registered charities, Good Neighbour and Te Aranui Youth Trust.

In Good Company aims to raise money and create awareness for these local charities through fundraising initiatives, such as community events, the sale of gift cards and more.


Together we're working to change lives and build community in the Bay of Plenty.


Buy something special with an In Good Company gift card and give the gift of a better life for those in need.


Your loved ones receive a cool card, whilst the donated amount goes to Te Aranui Youth Trust or Good Neighbour.


So whether it’s a new pair of school shoes for a student or a packet of seeds for the community garden you can make a big difference with a small gift. Join the fight for better futures in our community!


  • 100% of the proceeds are donated to local causes and trusts  


  • A great way to make a personal donation, or corporate gift!



In Good Company are often busy working behind the scenes to create events and occasions that will help to raise money and the profile of Te Aranui Youth Trust and Good Neighbour.

Our latest event is the Synergy Technologies Food for Thought Rescued Food Festival, a family friendly community event at Our Place, Tauranga.

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